The Most Common Glass Window Problems in Winter

When weather conditions change, glass doors and windows inside your house will respond to it. In the winter season, when the air is cold and dry, minor issues with your doors and windows can often turn into worrying and prominent issues. The moisture buildup on the glass window, when left untreated for long, has the potential to cause serious issues like water damage, mildew, and or even a surge in your heating bills. So, a cold climate can also bring a couple of issues too. To recognize your windows’ problems, you will need to examine your doors and glass windows for the below-mentioned issues. Some problems can even lead to calling a window glass replacement Sacramento company for a new window.

Keep reading to be aware of the common glass window and door problems in winter :           

  • Foggy Glass Windows

If you have foggy glass windows, it’s a direct sign that the thermal seal on your window has broken. When this seal breaks, the moisture, and the air starts getting trapped between the panes and you will start seeing condensation between the panes.  This issue sometimes needs the replacement of an insulated glass unit only. So, don’t worry about the entire glass replacement. 

  • Leaks in your glass windows

Glass doors with leaks are an issue that that can be mistaken as condensation. Leaks will let cold and icy air come into your house. If you’re facing higher energy bills and rooms feel uncomfortable, leaks are the most likely problem. Another sign to recognize leaks is seeing water inside your house during it rains. Sometimes, the water inside your house could be the result of an improperly closed window or non-sealed window.  In other cases, replacing your old glass with a new and insulated glass unit by a glass repair Sacramento expert can make your home comfortable and warm again.

  • Window damage due to moisture

If you’re constantly seeing moisture or water come inside your house, there are higher chances of experiencing damage to your window and door parts. Moisture can damage your glass door frames, glass window frames, and also interiors of your home. Frames that consist of wood are at higher risk of getting rotten easily. Wood is more susceptible to mildew, rot, warping, and other significant damages. We recommend weatherproofing your windows. Contact a professional window glass repair professional and ask about shifting to weather-resistant glass doors.

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  • Insulation

Have you started to see your energy bills rise, even if you have an efficient heating and cooling system, a home with good insulation? This might be the problem with your glass windows.  Doors with poor insulation and incapable to preserve heat inside. Consequently, all heat will sneak out and your rooms will feel so bitterly cold.  If you have older glass windows, there are chances that there are no insulation properties in them. If this is the case, you will have to replace your glass windows completely rather than a mere repair service. So, to fix this problem, you will need a reliable window repair Sacramento professional to have an installation of new insulating glass over your windows and doors.

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